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Opera Siniging (Western Vocals)

This 1-Year Opera Singing Course Welcomes All Levels and Offers MTB, RSL, and Trinity Certifications

Rs 50,000 (4.5 REVIEWS)

Hindustani Vocals

This Diploma Singing Course is a 1-year Hindustani Vocal program designed for all levels, culminating in a certification from Bhatkhande and Gandharva institutes.

Rs 40,000 (5 REVIEWS)

Western Vocals (Contemporary)

This 1-Year Opera Singing Course Welcomes All Levels and Offers MTB, RSL, and Trinity Certifications.

Rs 50,000 (4.5 REVIEWS)

Career Path after Singing Courses

Continued Vocal Training

After completing your singing course, it's essential to keep honing your vocal skills. Consider advanced lessons or working with a vocal coach to improve your technique, expand your vocal range, and address any weaknesses in your singing.

Recording Deals

If you gain significant recognition and a following, you may have the opportunity to sign a recording contract with a music label. This can lead to the production and distribution of your music on a larger scale.

Performance Opportunities

Start by performing at local open mic nights, talent shows, and small gigs to gain experience and build your confidence on stage. As you grow, seek out more significant performance opportunities at local events, music festivals, and even in local music venues.

Recording and Demo Production

If you aim to pursue a career in music, you'll want to record your songs or covers. Invest in recording equipment or book studio time to create professional-quality demos that you can use to promote yourself to industry professionals or share online.

Music Business Education

Take courses or workshops in music business and marketing to understand the industry better. Learning about contracts, copyright, and promotion will be invaluable as you navigate your music career.

Auditions and Competitions

Look for singing auditions, talent competitions, and reality shows that align with your music style. These platforms can provide exposure and potentially launch your career.

Teaching and Vocal Coaching

As you gain experience and expertise, you can consider teaching singing or offering vocal coaching services. This not only provides a stable income but also helps you stay connected with the music community.


Many successful singers diversify their careers by exploring areas such as acting, songwriting for other artists, or collaborating with musicians from various genres.

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Pranay Kumawat
Pranay Kumawat BPA Music Production

This is undoubtedly the best academy for music production in the country. Owner and all the faculties here are so humble and experienced. Its a perfect choice.

Ishita Parakh
Ishita Parakh Singer & Songwriter

Angel's is one of the best institutes in Jaipur for music training of any kind - vocal, instrumental, production, sound engineering, and more. I learned Western Classical, Western Rock and Pop and Music Production from here and had a great experience. They constantly keep evolving and improving their curriculum and the faculties are very knowledgable too. 100% recommend for a growing budding musician.

Gitanjali Rajgarhia
Gitanjali Rajgarhia Singer

I’m a student here for a year now, I’ve learnt a lot of things which has not only developed my voice but also made my base and concepts crystal clear. I would like to thank my mentor and my one and only coach Ms. Shaiphali Saxena, who’s made me who I am today. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to dig deeper in the subject.😄😇

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