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Expert Faculty

Music trainers that we have at our disposal are highly qualified and come with years of experience. The team is equipped with complete knowledge and boasts of having practical experience in plenty.

Advanced courses

Each course that we make available is designed in sync with advanced curriculum to bring the maximum potential from students and inculcate among them intricacies of music.

Flexible Timings

Our music classes and subsequent batches are planned and organized in such a way that is convenient for students of all age groups.

Valuable Learning

Our courses are designed by experts in a way so as teach students on a theoretical level but also make the experience worthwhile with practical sessions.

Platform for Performance

Music is all about performing and it is through performance that learning enhances. Therefore, we organize events from time to time and persuade our students to take part in events and perform.

Overall Development

Music has the ability to change someone’s life. We therefore render music training with an aim to transform the lives of our students. Through our music training we aid our students grow as a person in an exclusive and friendly environment.



Here at Angel’s Music Academy, We offer following Courses:

Music Production Courses

Music Production Courses

Music production is a substantial process forming the backbone of Audio and acoustic engineering. In music production, disc jockeying is the essential part and forms a crucial part of the training. Music production course and the training that we render is highly exclusive and is imparted leading experts having years of experience in the genre.

Film & background music score

The position of a sound specialist is quite popular and is respected in the music industry. Backgrounds score quite an important part of the overall film making process and therefore it needs proper and detailed emphasis. The film and background music score course and the subsequent training that we render through experts give practical knowledge in film scoring and game scoring. Our experts teach students to learn about creating scores & composition through a dramatic representation of the movies as well as orchestration

Best Music Foundation Courses in Jaipur

Music Foundation Courses

The foundation course that we aim to provide to students encompasses training on music theory, aural training as well as music production. The course is specially designed for aspiring music professionals looking to enhance their skills required for a successful career in music industry.

Sound Engineering Courses

Audio Engineering Courses

The whole process of recording audio has evolved during the course of last few years; it has now become more advanced from before. Understanding the process of Audio engineering requires insights into technology, practical knowledge and a significant amount of skills.

Best Radio Jockey Courses in Jaipur

Radio Jockey Courses

A radio jockey is basically a person whose work is to communicate with people through the medium of radio, interact with them, entertain them and play their favorite songs on their request. Thus, with the advent of more and more FM channels, the profession of Radio Jockeying is catching up with youngsters.

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Playback Singing Course

When you opt to learn Western or Indian classical music, you give yourself the opportunity to strengthen and stabilizes your voice – something very crucial for singing

Why Join the AMA?

  1. We try to link our students with renowned organization and we forward video directly to major reality shows for auditions.
  2. We offer access to advance recording studio with state of the art technologies and extremely acoustic area.
  3. We forward your best profiles and songs to major TV channels.
  4. We even sponsor our students to help them in promoting their skills.
  5. We have a team of experienced members working for Bollywood for decades.
  6. We have designed best practice rooms for our students to learn and practice, as much as they want to.

Faculty Details

Music Course in Jaipur

Shaiphali saxena: The founder of Angel’s School of Music, Shaiphali also happens to be a sound engineer by profession. After having graduated from Trinity London, she pursued Sound engineering and western vocals from KMMC (A.R. Rahman’s Foundation). Shaiphali has worked as a sound engineer in several Tollywood projects along with rendering her expertise as an arranger for albums and short film & also she is apple certified sound engineer. She sets a best example for the people who says “music cant pay the bills”. AMA is her startup which she started by selling the scrap of 300 rs. She was invited by the India’s most prestigious college IIT as a mentor & speaker for the start up meet. Her name counts in for the India’s famous Female Entrepreneur.

Lucky: He is very passionate drummer from the band F.U.C.K. He is so technical in his skills,with an experience of 08 years in the domain, he is been training students in AMA since last one year. He hold grade 8 in drums from Trinity college of Music, London

Avi Bepari: Avi heads the faculty of guitar at AMA. He inherited guitar playing skills from his father and has been playing the musical instrument since the age of 04 years. Being a highly experienced guitarist, Avi can play any genre in any time signature.

Farooq Khan: He is a faculty for Hindustani Vocals. HE Had a teaching experience of around 12 year & almost taught 2000 students. He inherited skills from his gharana and has been playing the musical instruments since the age of 08.

Victor ‘D’ Souza: Victor hails from Bangalore and is responsible for training students in piano and keyboard play. Having been playing piano for last 30 years, victor has performed with almost every celebrity of Tollywood. The cool thing about him is that he can he can play almost each and every instrument quite perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Overall Development
  • Flexible Timings
  • Individual Attention
  • Experienced Faculty Members
  • Remarkable Placements
  • 100% Transparency
  • Affordable Fee
  • Live Training
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Years of Experience

Founder’s Note

I extend a warm welcome for you at Angel’s Music Academy. Here we teach our students and aid them to become best working professionals by polishing their skills and character. Since music is a way of life, therefore we not only teach our students how to play keyboard or guitar, rather we teach them what actually music means and what it is all about. Music is something that cannot be taught, it is something that a person feels from within, through inheritance that can only felt by senses and from within the heart.

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Music Course in Jaipur

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