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Have you always wanted to get a degree in music but couldn’t due to the lack of resources and institutions? Angel’s Music Academy is happy to announce our tie-ups with some of the most renowned music colleges worldwide, including. We have picked a diversity of different courses which are completely customizable. Now, you can choose your preferred subjects and not follow a cookie-cutter learning pattern. 

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At Angel’s, we focus on ensuring that every student receives the best musical and film-making knowledge and let them decide what it is that they want to learn before the commencement of courses. We make music learning fun and accessible for all, and you must get yourselves enrolled to enhance your skills and knowledge. The self-designed major in Film Making, Music Performance & Sound Engineering  leads to a BA or BSC.  This major requires completion of a minimum of 8 courses. Students choosing this option must also prepare a path statement. This path statement must be approved by the chair of Communication Studies no later than the first semester of the junior year.

Students are responsible for reading course descriptions when choosing classes for their self-designed major.

Define your Art with Best Degree colleges for music in India

Film Making & Visuals
Students will be able to effectively produce & shoot the short films, movies, ads , Wedding & Much more.

Sound Engineering 
Students will possess a theoretical and applied understanding of Sound, Acoustics, Mixing & Mastering

Performing Arts
Students will learn the art of performance, compositions, Instruments, Ear Training, Aural, Song Writing.

Students will be able to solve real-world data-driven business and policy problems working with economists, policy makers, data scientists and business practitioners.

Major Requirements (9-12 units)

Sound & Visuals Technology 

 Sound Engineering 

Professional Communication (2 units)
Students develop their communication skills in the context of Entrepreneurship . At least 2 units of coursework must be taken from this category.

Music Business

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