Essential Things to Know: How to Start Music Career at 16?

Today’s generation is really advanced and rather than studies now at the age of 16 only, students are focusing on other activities also. It has been observed that they are extremely creative and along with this they are focused on which creative field, they have to pursue further according to their interest. As we know the competition is high nowadays, due to its now students use to focus on their career in early age.

How to Start Music Career at 16
How to Start Music Career at 16

If you have decided to become a singer and started searching for the best music school in India, so here are 5 Essential Things to Know

Before starting your career, here are 5 essential points to know:

Don’t only focus on Music for the livelihood: For livelihood, don’t only focus on the music industry only. To earn money to open more paths to your career. If you are financially strong, so it’s okay to pursue in the music industry, but if you have to pay your bills your own, so side by side enhance your skills in another field also

Have a proper strategy: It is essential that you should have a proper plan for your career. You should have a proper plan because many singers use to drop in between as in the mid of the strategy they use to get confused. So, in that case, have a proper plan for your music career, so you should not get filed in the strategy.

Mark Your Online presence: It is important to make your online presence, nowadays social media has become popular and it is the best way to spread your presence and show your talent. So from starting age only mark your presence.

Build your network: Network is really essential for every field, so start focusing on it build relationships and maintain them. Any reference can be useful at any stage of life.

Grab the best educational Institute: Grab the best educational institute as there are a number of the best music academies in India, choose the best to enhance your skills.

So, don’t hurry before opting for the best music industry as a career know the essential points of it and then jump into the creative field, so no one can stop you to rock the music industry.

How to Start a Career in the Music Industry

Are you also interested to step in the music industry or have you decided that you want to make your career in this industry? Only taking a decision is not at all enough, you should have a proper path to have a successful journey. Voice is only not enough; you need a proper path for it. Nowadays, there are a number of music schools in India as well as you can complete your graduation from the best music college in India.

How to Start Career in Music Industry
How to Start Career in Music Industry

In this blog, we have some points about how to start a career in the music industry; you should focus on these points.

Points to keep in mind to start a career in the music industry

Have a good advisor: You should have a better advisor so he can guide you better and according to the competitive world you can eligible to face the competition and can able to take the right decision at the right time.

Have knowledge about copyright music: In the music industry, it is important that you should have knowledge of copyright music. Copyright music is controversial in the music industry. It is essential that you should aware of it.

Know the process to launch the music: You should be aware of the process of launching. Have proper knowledge about it so you should not depend on others and you can do it your own.

Select your niche: Decide your niche; it is important that you should know your theme in which you are interested like folk music, Hindi music, traditional. There are many themes in the music.

Promoting strategy: You should know the promoting strategy of your music, must have proper planning to reach to the thousands of people. There should be a properly planned strategy.

These above points are important to know before starting your career in the music industry as well you can also join the best music academy in India to enhance your skills.

The Effect of Music on the Human Body and Mind

Music has the ability to provoke emotions and thoughts. It audits one’s experience of the day by turning magical and to a level it may even make you spiritual. When an individual connects with the music it releases various sensations, as well as a feeling of release and comfort.


Why We Listen to Music?

Music gives soothing effect to our soul in whatever condition we are. When we hear music we get connected to the lyrics or the tune of the melody, which in turn make us happy and joyous. Song always gives us pleasure it reminds us of the good memories and develops love within our soul. This directly reflects our personality and it improves our concentration and makes our mind relax. We get energized to work. There are times when we are not able to find solution or in a confused state of mind. Musichelps to balance our mind helping to get focused.

Effects of music

Choose your favorite songs or turn on the compositions, which make you feel better. Research says that with music you get memories, which gives a soothing sensation. We hear music frequently while going to work, school, while doing some work. Music is not empty it is full of values, emotions and feelings.

Music enriches our souls?

Music is a kind of therapy to one of human’s needs like language, words. People get comfort, experience, energy in it. Classical music touches human’s heart and soul, make him better, give him ideas and peace. The act of singing binds people together from heart.

Physiological effect

Scientist proved that melody, especially rhythm makes influence on the highest nervous activity, psychological process, guts, and metabolism. Music mainly affects our emotions. It spread happiness. Music helps to change the mood from gloomy to happy.

Music Effect in Pregnancy

In pregnancy, music can be used as communicating clue with a child. It strengthens mother and child’s health, decrease stress, tense and exhaustion. Would be mothers remain in good health and stress free. It helps in healthy growth of the fetus. Researchers have shown that plants are very sentimental and sensitive towards music. Music is very important when nurturing disabled people.

Music helps person to feel more self-confident. It develops peace and harmony inside disabled people, because they feel different and confused. Music as a tool helps to find that and recognize their exclusive abilities and talents.

Music Encourages Creation

As music helps you to calm down and concentrate, you can find your inner voice and imagination. In quiet moment the door of your personal world is open. You can find whatever you want – motivation, ideas for creation, work. Even you can find the way how to solve your problems.

Music has its own language full of various symbols, sounds, rhythms. Musicians have to be able to read all the notations before they actually pick up an instrument to play music. Perform classical music in good quality requires years of practice.

We live in the world full of various musical sounds. Not all of them can be heard, not all of them we like – there are loud and quiet, familiar and unfamiliar, chaotic and neat sounds. Everything starts in mother’s womb where we hear her heart beats, voice and music. The power of music can heal your soul and mind because your body reacts to its vibrations, rhythm, and tempo. Musicnot only enriches our soul and mind, but it heals our personality and body by using it like musically medicament.

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Best Radio Jockey Academy in India

Best Radio Jockey Academy in India
Best Radio Jockey Academy in India

Eligibility Factor:

Though 12th standard is mandatory and an added advantage for any profession field but to be a radio jockey you do not need the same. A candidate who has passed his higher secondary could opt for this course. However, if you are a honors graduate it will definitely help you in the future. Certain added qualifications will always act as a boon for your cause. You need to be a good analyzer and have the ability to conduct shows in a way that suits your audience mentality and nostalgia. The next important quality is that you should have a clear voice. Finally, you need to have good mastery on the language in which are opting for the course.

Syllabus for Radio Jockey Course:

The syllabus of radio jockey course include basics of verbal communications and phonetics. You will also be trained on the art of proper articulation and pronunciation. Besides, the idea of writing scripts, radio presentation, voice projecting, public speaking, personality development, sound accents etc are also taught in the course. In addition we also provide all round knowledge about facing camera for visual shows and facing the audience live on stage to achieve excellence in any medium of expression.The course also includes studio sessions to attain the practical expertise with proper equipment like microphones, live mixers, processors to learn about framing of a show. Few marketing strategies will also be taught during the course to impress the sponsors and regarding how to generate good business for the radio station as we know that voice of an RJ is the marketing key for sponsors.

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