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Degree in Music Production

Degree in Music Production & Performance

4 years of UGC Approved course offered at Poornima University.

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Degree in music production

Bachelor's Degree in Music Production & Performance

Angel’s Music Academy, in collaboration with Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce (GCEC), is proud to offer an innovative degree program at Poornima University. This partnership brings together Angel’s renowned expertise in music education with GCEC’s focus on entrepreneurship, creating a unique opportunity for students passionate about music and business. The degree program blends rigorous musical training at Angel’s Music Academy with specialized courses in entrepreneurship from GCEC, preparing graduates to succeed in both artistic and business aspects of the music industry. With state-of-the-art facilities and a curriculum designed to foster creativity and enterprise, this collaboration at Poornima University promises to shape future leaders in music production, performance, and entrepreneurship.

Course Highlights

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Music Programmig

Students learn the art of using software (Logic Pro X ) and hardware tools to create and manipulate musical elements digitally. From MIDI sequencing to software instruments, this module covers the technical aspects of programming music.

Music Arrangement

This segment focuses on arranging existing compositions for different instruments and styles, emphasizing techniques to enhance musical structure, dynamics, and overall impact.

Music Composition & Scoring

Here, students explore the fundamentals of musical composition, from melody and harmony to orchestration techniques. They also delve into scoring for visual media such as films and games, learning how to synchronize music with visual narratives.

Electronic Music Production

This module immerses students in the world of electronic music, covering genres like EDM, techno, and ambient. They gain proficiency in synthesizers, drum machines, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) to produce polished electronic tracks.


Music Business & Marketing

Understanding the business side of the music industry is crucial. Students explore topics such as copyright law, artist management, marketing strategies, and digital distribution, preparing them for careers as independent artists or industry professionals.

Music Performance

Gain hands-on experience through internships, real-world projects, and networking opportunities tailored to your career aspirations.

Recording & Mixing

Focusing on the technical aspects of music production, this module covers recording techniques, sound mixing, and mastering. Students gain hands-on experience in studio environments, learning to achieve professional-quality audio.


Dolby Atmos

In the realm of immersive audio, students learn about Dolby Atmos technology, which revolutionizes the way music is experienced by adding height and depth to soundscapes. They explore spatial audio techniques and mixing methodologies tailored for this cutting-edge format.

Game Audio

This module delves into the unique demands of audio production for video games. Students learn to create sound effects that enhance gameplay immersion, design adaptive music that responds to player actions, and implement audio within game engines for seamless integration.

Scope after this course

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Music Producer

Sound Engineer




Artist Manager


Dolby Atmos Mixing Engineer

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Course Fees

  • Total 11,10,000
  • (Including Admission fees, Teaching fees & Exam fees)
  • Accommodation is excluded

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Every stage of our admissions process is aimed at identifying the aspects of your academic trajectory and personal ambitions
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