Opera & Western Vocals

If you are looking for the best western vocal lessons in India, then we comes on No 1.

We Are honoured to announce that we started the opera culture in india,We Present The Opera Queen of India, Hritisha Rewadia. Awarded by Lion’s Award for Best Western Vocal classes online India

Western Vocal College in India

Our History

We are Rajasthan’s First Opera Music Training college & The first & only Opera Training Institute in Rajasthan & Ranked no 1 in India for the Best Opera Training Institute. 

& bagged multiple awards for the best 

western vocal lessons in India 

Student can make a choice between Opera & Rock n pop singing after 1 st semester & can choose genre like Jazz, Rock n Pop, Musical Theatre & Western Folk.


We started opera training with just 2 students & now we ranked no 1 in India for Opera & Western vocals with 6 months pre booked sessions. We performed for the very first time with only 7 listeners & now in our last event we made it to 7000+ in India, This all happened because of the dedication of Hritisha Rewadia, the one & only “Opera Queen of India & the first Opera Singer of Rajasthan, with her mentor & sister Shaiphali Saxena

Course Overview

Opera singing has two sides, TECHNICAL FOCUS & ART  . Technical part focuses on ranges, voices, time signature, voice techniques, posture, phonetics, breath, ear training & much more whereas art lead you to expression, emotions, acts, theatre, dance.

“Each opera piece has a story, each singer is playing a character” That why doesnt matter if a singer is singing in english, french, italian german etc, audience get easily understand


Semester 1Credits 
Introduction of voices4 
History & context2 
Articulation, Dynamics & Sheet Reading4 
Semester 2Credits 
Introduction of Musical Theatre4 
4 arias 4 
Musical Analysis2 
Semester 3Credits 
Act & Performance4 
Stage Designing2 
Opera Math4 
Semester 4Credits 
Basic of Orchestration  
Different level of Belting4 
Total for the entire period of study40 
western music singing lessons
Best Western vocal lessons in India

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