Music Production

Explore the World of Music Production with the best music production courses in industry , we ranked for the best Music Production courses in India, that are aimed at creating best in industry music producers who develop ability to create music for a broad range of formats including films, independent music, radio, television as well as games. 

Music Production Courses in India

Music Production is a significant skill that forms an important aspect of Audio and acoustic engineering. The field of music production is an extremely crucial and specific process which demands high level of expertise as it includes a broad range of procedures and dimensions within it. Thus, music production course certification is an ideal foundation for the students to understand the fundamentals and learn the nuances of Music Production.

Explore the World of Music Production with best in industry training classes that are aimed at creating best in industry music producers who develop ability to create music for a broad range of formats including films, independent music, radio, television as well as games. 

 Music Production Course at Angels Music Academy is designed in sync with contemporary requirements to help you become a successful Music Producer, Music Arranger or music programmer record Producer. Unlike traditional music production courses that are offered by various music institutions in the country, our music production course not just develops the technical skills of our students’ on music software’s rather students get to hone their composition skills in respect to song writing as well as arrangement.

We have at our disposal, state of the art facility that is a combination of experience of our expert faculty and world-class curriculum. Availability of world-class facility and advanced course enables our students to get knowledge that they need, to begin their musical journey. Moreover, we render the facility of active placement programs that assist students to get a good understanding of the industry.

Music production training that our experts dispense to students encompassed many stages varying from composition to styles, MIDI sampling to mixing and instruments to orchestral styles. Musician’s career paths are as unique as their individual fingerprints and music production is the first step towards the development of the same.

At Angels Music Academy, our sole focus is based on generating skills among aspiring music producers so as to assist them to become best in the industry. Our training experts teach students highly effective and practical skills along with technicalities of music production that empowers students to optimize their musical skills in the most desirable manner. 

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Career Opportunities

Our graduates work and intern in a range of jobs in a broad range of fields — public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, television, radio, magazines,  event planning, education, nonprofits, and technology. We’ve also had graduates start their own Studio or working as an independent artists 

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of how to compose, arrange a music, record live instruments, voice dubbing using mono & stereo Microphone techniques, Student will also be able to mix & master the final output. 

Music Business will help you to achieve your goals in a smarter way.


Semester 1  
Sound Theory  
Music Theory  
Genre Study   
Semester 2  
Introduction to Music Production   
Beat Making  
Semester 3  
Sound Designing  
Semester 4  
Signal Processing  
Music Business  
music production courses in india

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