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Music Production Certification

A complete beginner course of duration 6 months, Certified course from RSL, London

Rs 90,000 (4.5 REVIEWS)

Music Production 1 Year Diploma

1 year diploma course in Music Production with 44 credits.

Rs 175000 (5 REVIEWS)

Bachelor's Degree in Music Production

3 years of Bachelor's Degree in Music Production from Apex University

Rs 540,000 (4.5 REVIEWS)

Career Path after Music Production Courses

Music Producer

A music producer is the creative and technical mastermind behind music recordings. They work closely with artists to shape the sound and feel of a song, oversee recording sessions, arrange musical elements, and ensure the final mix and production quality meet the desired artistic vision. 

Music Composer

A music composer is a talented individual who crafts original music pieces for various media, including films, television shows, video games, commercials, and more. They translate emotions, themes, and storylines into captivating melodies and harmonies.

Sound Designer

A sound designer is a creative professional responsible for shaping the auditory atmosphere of various media, such as films, video games, and theater productions. They design and manipulate sound effects, music, and audio elements to enhance storytelling and create immersive experiences for the audience.

Recording Engineer

A recording engineer is a technical expert who specializes in capturing and optimizing audio during recording sessions. They operate recording equipment, set up microphones, and ensure the best possible sound quality for music, vocals, or various audio content. Recording engineers work closely with artists and producers to create pristine audio recordings, from tracking instruments to vocal performances.

Artist Manager

An artist manager is a dedicated professional who acts as the bridge between artists and the music industry. They oversee various aspects of an artist's career, including booking performances, negotiating contracts, managing finances, and developing promotional strategies.

Mixing Engineer

Mixing engineers ensure that vocals, instruments, and other elements interact harmoniously, resulting in a polished and professional sound that is ready for release or further mastering. Their skill and precision play a pivotal role in delivering the sonic quality and artistic vision of a music project.

Audio Equipment Dealer

Audio equipment dealers serve musicians, audio engineers, recording studios, live sound professionals, and enthusiasts. They offer expert advice on product selection, technical specifications, and provide customers with the tools they need to create, capture, and reproduce high-quality sound.

Acoustic Designer

An acoustic designer is a specialist in creating and optimizing the acoustic environment of spaces. They focus on controlling and shaping sound within a room, whether it's a concert hall, recording studio, office, or home. Acoustic designers utilize various techniques and materials to minimize unwanted sound reflections, echoes, and noise, while enhancing sound clarity, balance, and overall quality.

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Pranay Kumawat
Pranay Kumawat BPA Music Production

This is undoubtedly the best academy for music production in the country. Owner and all the faculties here are so humble and experienced. Its a perfect choice.

Ishita Parakh
Ishita Parakh Singer & Songwriter

Angel's is one of the best institutes in Jaipur for music training of any kind - vocal, instrumental, production, sound engineering, and more. I learned Western Classical, Western Rock and Pop and Music Production from here and had a great experience. They constantly keep evolving and improving their curriculum and the faculties are very knowledgable too. 100% recommend for a growing budding musician.

Gitanjali Rajgarhia
Gitanjali Rajgarhia Singer

I’m a student here for a year now, I’ve learnt a lot of things which has not only developed my voice but also made my base and concepts crystal clear. I would like to thank my mentor and my one and only coach Ms. Shaiphali Saxena, who’s made me who I am today. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to dig deeper in the subject.😄😇

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