Why to choose AMA?

1.   We try to link our students with renowned organization and we forward video directly to major reality shows for auditions. 

2.    We offer access to advance recording studio with state of the art technologies and extremely acoustic area.

3.    We forward your best profiles and songs to major TV channels. 

4.    We even sponsor our students to help them in promoting their skills. 

5.    We have a team of experienced members working for Bollywood for decades. 

6.    We have designed best practice rooms for our students to learn and practice, as much as they want to.

Do AMA provides placements?

Yes, we reccomend our students to big platforms, production houses also for degree students we organise in campus placements with 100% placement assistance.

What is the strength of a batch?

Strength is one of the reason, people chooses us, we only take 4 students in a batch.