Film making courses

Film Making courses in Jaipur

Filmmaking Courses in Jaipur  at Angel’s  is a blend of – the art of storytelling, direction, screenplay, cinematography, finalizing the cast, estimating budget, deciding the shooting locations as well as aesthetics and much more. And who are filmmakers? No, they aren’t just directors, they are the creative minds that bring ideas to life, while developing an emotional connection with their audience – filmmakers are responsible for each and every element that goes into filmmaking.

Film Making Course Overview

  • Film Dimension and Packaging, 

  • Processing and Printing 

  • Films for Motion Picture

  • Motion Picture Cameras

  • Shooting Format

  • Various Camera Test

  • Types of Film Cameras

  • Types of Digital filmmaking

  • Special Cinematography 

  • Cinema Projection.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will learn about the production process 

  1. The development of the final film will begin during the screenwriting session.
  2. In preparation of the shoot, students will:
  3. Write the final draft of the Screenplay
  4. Create a Story-Board for the Film
  5. Make Shot Divisions; shooting schedule
  6. Scene breakdown; Props and equipment required
  7. Make Props; Design and create sets
  8. Our professors will be present during the entirety of the shoot, constantly guiding the students and ensuring that the correct methods are followed.
  9. Roles/duties will be rotated regularly between students to allow them to experience all the different aspects of a Film shoot.
  10. The day after the shoot, students will sit with an editor and edit all the footage that was shot.

So if you are looking for the best film making courses in jaipur then Angel’s is a best option.


Semester 1Credits 
Understanding Story Art & Science4 
Moving Objects4 
History & context of cinema2 
Semester 2Credits 
Cinematography 4 
Introduction to editing4 
Production design, planning2 
Semester 3Credits 
Direction – fiction & non fiction 4 
Post Production 2 
Studio Production 4 
Semester 4Credits 
Emerging Media4 
Film Distribution & promotion 4 
Career & Showreel Development2 
Total for the entire period of study40 

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Film making courses in jaipur

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