Drum Diploma Course – Drums are the world’s oldest musical instruments and are an important member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Music which is played and performed across genres requires drums to create melody and set the mood for audiences. So if you are someone who is highly passionate about rhythm and see yourself creating sounds that could set people on groove, then drum diploma course offered by Angels Music Academy is ideal for you. 

With the diploma course, you can develop your musical style; find your niche as a drum performer with comprehensive training on drumming techniques, styles as well as music theory. As a Diploma drums student with us, you will have access to an exclusive range of industry standard equipment that can you can use for the purpose of rehearsal at institute or can hire the same for practice at home. Thus, the Diploma course in drumming performance with Angels Music Academy is a great way to enhance your drumming skills by dedicating yourself towards a fully focused learning in a highly professional and peaceful environment. 

Being a leading music institute in Jaipur, we pride ourselves our approach of training that is focused on one-to-one tuition. The size of the class is kept small so that trainers can pay attention to each student personally. Al the more we are equipped with fully furnished and developed classrooms where training is imparted in a fully technological manner. The curriculum of the course has been designed as per the best and advanced industry standards, and we render training on almost every aspect of drumming in order to give complete exposure to aspiring musicians. 

The professional drum classes and subsequent training is aimed at creating versatile drum performers of tomorrow. While we train students on drum playing step by step, the overall objective of the course remains to teach students different genres of music such as Rock, Blues and Funk. Proper and thorough understanding of these styles not only aid students in pursuing music independently, rather they stand attractive opportunity to try their hand in commercial Bollywood and non Bollywood music.

The diploma course includes training from the very basic levels and with time the training progresses to more advanced concepts and techniques. The curriculum of the course is advanced and based on international standards, and to impart training on such heavy curriculum we have at our disposal highly experienced and best in the class faculty. 

While it is not possible to list everything in detail, here’s a glimpse of the topics that you will learn during the course. 

Setting Up the Drum Kit and Drum Playing Techniques

Reading the Music

Training on playing the Drum Solo

Important Musical Concepts

Rock and Pop Drum Playing

Latin Drum Playing

Swing Drum Playing


Reggae Drum Playing

Funk Drum Playing

Jazz Drum Playing

Improvising and Hand Coordination 

Classic Drum Concepts

Improving the Time

Moeller Technique

Playing a Shuffle

Double Bass Drumming

Playing with Brushes

Soloing and Drum Fills