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    AMA is the first & only institute in Rajasthan providing "Opera & Jazz "lessons. We had given the First Opera singer to Rajasthan, Now she is known as "Opera Queen of Rajasthan"

    Western Vocal Lessons at AMA

    If you want to train as an opera singer, Angel Music Academy is an ideal place to place to be getting the training. Learning opera singing is quite challenging and it is all about voice. Voice is crucial, of course, and you should have the ability to fill a large space, usually without amplifications to create a perfect balance between high low and high pitch voice. Rehearsals form a vital part of learning to sing opera and we conduct group sessions on opera singing on regular basis to enable students to collaborate with fellow singers and be able to work with others.

    So if you are looking to get trained in Western Classical music, then you can rely upon Angels Music Academy. We are one of the esteemed institutions in Jaipur completely dedicated to teaching western classical music to aspiring musicians in an ideal environment. Experts at our institute teach students the basics exercises to develop their voice while getting control over breathing. We understand that music has no boundaries and it does not distinguish between professional and novice and which is why students do not need to have any previous experience or knowledge is before enrolling for the vocal classes.

    Course Curriculum

    In this course we will cover

    • Voice Techniques
    • Type of voices
    • Range Development
    • Sheet Reading
    • Harmonies
    • Improvisation in Pop Syle
    • Improvisation in Church Modes
    • Opera Pieces & Arias
    • Breath Techniques & Phonation
    • Dramatic Singing
    • Choir Singing
    • Time Signatures
    • Key modulation
    • Voice Modulation

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    Know more about our "Opera Queen of Rajasthan"

    Hritisha Rewadia

    Hritisha Rewadia is Rajasthan's first opera singer, hold many records for breaking glass by her voice. She came here as a student for indian classical but developed interest in western opera singing. Now she is a managing director of Angel's. She was honoured by Ankit Tiwari for india's finest Opera & western singer. She won the best singer award for the song Jewel's & fame in Rajasthan's Film Festival & now nominated for Best Singer in Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-2020 To know more about her visit-


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