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    Best music production courses in india

    Best music production courses in india

    A radio jockey is basically a person whose work is to communicate with people through the medium of radio, interact with them, entertain them and play their favorite songs on their request. Thus, with the advent of more and more FM channels, the profession of Radio Jockeying is catching up with youngsters. Though a non conventional career choice, a radio jockey enjoys much popularity and prospect of income is also very attractive. You can also get into the field of radio jockeying by enrolling for the radio jockey course with Angels Music Academy.

    The USP of our Radio Jockey course is that training is imparted by industry leading experts having years of experience in particular domain. During the course, sessions with speech therapist are conducted to help students learn the art of developing different styles of speech. Additionally, sessions with voice-over artist are also held so that students get to learn about voice modulation and how can they alter their voice to make it more entertaining and acceptable to listeners.

    We have at our disposal world-class classrooms that are equipped with hi-tech labs and the sound station where participants get to train in the real environment to hone their radio jockeying skills. The environment during the training remains professional and students get to develop skills sets while making interactions with professional Radio Jockeys during site visits.

    So if you are someone who intends to make a career in the ever-evolving Radio Industry, then you can enroll for Radio Jockey course with Angels Music Academy.

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    The certification course in Radio Jockey programmer help students learns to explore their voice and make it sound more appealing and engaging. During the duration of the course, participants learn about the medium of broadcasting along with the basics of radio jockeying. Additionally, training is imparted on voice modulation, public speaking along with projection and inflection. Each such technical training thus plays a crucial role in developing the voice acting skills of students enabling them to have control their voice and make it adaptable as well.


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