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    Piano Course

    The piano is a classical instrument that is basically played as a keyboard. Piano is used across genres of music such as jazz, classical and for solo performances. Additionally, piano is also preferred for accompaniment and for creating musical compositions. Thus, despite the rise of guitar bands in recent times, piano and keyboards are still very much omnipresent in contemporary music, and are considered extremely important when it comes to create music, develop notations and perform on the stage. Almost all genres encompassing classical and jazz music embrace piano owing to natural strength, rich tones, harmony and melody.

    • Piano Course at AMA
    • Besides preparing the students on basic principles of playing the piano, experts at our music institute teach them contemporary, modern as well as jazz piano styles based primarily on the advanced piano syllabus. Our motto is pretty simple, we strive to encourage, equip and inspire students to succeed in the field of music by delivering to them relevant and highest quality training and education. Being a noteworthy provider of piano training in Jaipur, we aspire to nurture the talent and musical abilities of our students in best possible way through piano diploma course.
    • Being one of the best music schools in the city, we dispense piano training from the hands of experienced piano experts having years of experience at their disposal. Our sole focus is centered towards maximizing the experience of learning of students by exposing them to training to all genres of music such as instrument-specific classes, on-stage performances and group discussions. Additionally, we enable aspiring musicians learn piano along with vocal, chords, scales and rhythm patterns in order to enable them coordinate with songs in any language such as Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati.
    • Areas of Training covered during the course
    • Training is imparted on correct posture for playing the piano, how to maintain hand and finger shape
    • Holding the instrument correctly
    • Names of strings as well as notes
    • Holding the bow
    • Playing of piano on popular songs and pieces
    • Learning about scales and Staff reading which is compulsory
    • Training and practice on sight reading techniques
    • Stage performance and live piano sessions

    Piano Course

    So if you are someone who is passionate about learning piano and aspires to become professional piano player, then you can Angels Music Academy in Jaipur for the best Piano training. With us, you can learn to play piano in an all-new modern approach through training that we have developed keeping in mind the convenience of everyone. We are dedicated to dispense highest quality piano training to aspiring musicians and therefore offer piano lessons to learners irrespective of their age proficiency level. The various levels of courses that we have designed in respect to piano training are basic, principal as well as advanced. In each of the courses, all students are prepared thoroughly in various entire techniques of playing piano such as scales, sight-reading and aural tests.


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