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    Best music production courses in india

    Best music production courses in india

    The profession of sound specialist command immense respect and reputation in the film industry. An audio specialist is someone who takes expertise in creating engaging background music score by striking the ideal chord at the right time. Since the field of background score is a crucial aspect of the entire filmmaking process, it needs to be given detailed attention and preference. Designed by industry experts, film and background music score course is based on training required for learning the essential techniques used in writing music for a film. Angel Music Academy proudly announces itself as one of the first music institutions in Jaipur to have come up with a special & unique course for Film & game scoring. The course is technical in its nature and has been specifically designed to render training and pass on knowledge in film scoring & game scoring.

    During the course, a series of dramatic and well-known movie scenes are represented so that students can take a cue and imply similar techniques in their scores & composition. Apart from training students on film scoring and composition, experts at our institute extend their expertise into helping aspiring musicians learn about conventional orchestration.

    Along the course, students will be taught to create fitting themes, developing variations as well as create a set of proposed thematic material for a director. Moreover, training on techniques such as MIDI sequences and live player recording for projects are also dispensed by experts to students.

    The classes’ cover topics that are contemporary and as the duration of the course deepens, the techniques become challenging. Music scoring basically pertains to creating background score; hence we first of all train students on utilizing the tools of the trade to find an emotional response. Further topics such as music theory &genre, uses of modes in film scoring and working with rhythm in cues are explored by budding musicians.

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    By the end of this course, students will understand the tools; language as well as techniques used in the world of film composing and will have the ability to take their own projects. Thus with us, you can have the right opportunity to learn the art of film scoring in a comprehensive and reliable way in a quick time under the guidance of experienced faculty. So if you are someone who is interested in exploring film scoring, you can place your trust upon Angels Music Academy.


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