1. Introduction to Piano

  2. Basic piano anatomy and keyboard orientation.
  3. Hand position, posture, and finger exercises.
  4. Fundamentals of Music Theory
  5. Note reading in treble and bass clefs.
  6. Basic rhythm and time signatures.
  7. Introduction to scales and intervals.
  8. Technique Development
  9. Finger independence and dexterity exercises.
  10. Basic piano techniques: legato, staccato, hand coordination.
  11. Repertoire
  12. Beginner-level pieces from various musical periods.
  13. Pieces reinforcing technical concepts.

Term 2: Intermediate Development

  1. Advanced Music Theory

    • Key signatures, modes, chord progressions.
    • Harmonic analysis.
  2. Technique Refinement

    • Advanced finger exercises and scales in multiple keys.
    • Complex rhythmic patterns and articulations.
  3. Stylistic Interpretation

    • Different musical styles: classical, jazz, contemporary.
    • Interpretation and expression in piano playing.
  4. Repertoire

    • Intermediate-level pieces from various genres.
    • Developing musicality and phrasing.

Term 3: Mastery and Exam Preparation

  1. Advanced Technique

    • Arpeggios, trills, octave playing.
    • Technical exercises tailored to individual needs.
  2. Music Analysis and Interpretation

    • In-depth analysis of selected repertoire.
    • Historical context and performance practice.
  3. Exam Preparation

    • Mock exams and performance assessments.
    • Sight-reading, aural skills, theory practice.
  4. Recital Preparation

    • Selection and preparation of repertoire for final recital.
    • Stage presence, communication, artistic expression.
  1. Foundational Skills Acquisition:

    • Mastery of basic piano anatomy and technique.
    • Proficiency in reading musical notation and understanding rhythm.
    • Establishment of fundamental music theory concepts such as scales and intervals.
  3. Technical Proficiency:

    • Development of proper hand posture, position, and finger independence.
    • Acquisition of basic piano techniques including legato, staccato, and hand coordination.
    • Improvement in overall dexterity and control over the keyboard.
  5. Musical Awareness:

    • Introduction to various musical styles and genres.
    • Understanding the importance of dynamics, articulation, and expression in music.
    • Development of an ear for musical nuances and interpretation.
  7. Preparation for Intermediate Study:

    • Building a solid foundation for more advanced piano study.
    • Acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to progress to intermediate-level repertoire and techniques.
    • Instilling a sense of confidence and readiness to tackle more challenging musical material.
  9. Cultivation of Passion and Discipline:

    • Fostering a love for music and piano playing.
    • Encouraging disciplined practice habits and dedication to musical growth.
    • Providing a supportive learning environment conducive to personal and artistic development.

Overall, the 1-Year Piano Foundation Course equips students with the essential skills, knowledge, and passion needed to embark on their musical journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Fees Structure For 1 Year Diploma

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1 year Diploma in Piano

Rs 32000 /Year
  • 2 days in a Week Class
  • Free Access to Recording Studio
  • Free Music Business Session
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Diploma in Piano

Our Affiliations

Our course is affiliated with leading industry organizations, ensuring that our curriculum meets industry standards. Upon completion of the course, students receive a diploma certificate from MESC Skill, India, & Rock School of Music, London which is recognized globally & by the industry and can be used to gain employment in various music production and audio engineering roles. For more details visit www.angelsmusicacademy.com.it

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The Diploma in Piano is an intensive program designed for individuals passionate about mastering the piano. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, this course offers a structured curriculum that covers essential skills such as technique, music theory, repertoire, and performance. With dedicated faculty and a focus on individualized instruction, this diploma program provides a solid foundation for those aspiring to become professional pianists or simply enjoy the piano as a lifelong pursuit. Embark on a musical journey and develop your piano skills with our Diploma in Piano program in Jaipur.

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Why we Ranked #1 in Best Music School in India

Angels music academy is truly the best academy for learning music
Most friendly environment
Best teachers and all the students are so friendly
Teachers are always there to help you out with the queries.


Angel's is one of the best institutes in Jaipur for music training of any kind - vocal, instrumental, production, sound engineering, and more. I learned Western Classical, Western Rock and Pop and Music Production from here and had a great experience. They constantly keep evolving and improving their curriculum and the faculties are very knowledgeable too. 100% recommend for a growing budding musician.

Ishita Parakh

My life's best experience is to take admission in this Academy for playback singing courses. Now my 2nd home is Angel music Academy, my best experience ever learning opera, Indian classical, now I've joined Music production. The supportive community and top-notch facilities make it a home away from home. Now I'm crafting my unique sound with confidence. Grateful for the simple joy of learning in this

Heena Gupta

This is undoubtedly the best academy for music production in the country.
Owner and all the faculties here are so humble and experienced. Its a perfect choice.

Pranay Kumawat

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Piano lessons in Jaipur

Frequently Asked Question

Q1:Q1: What is the duration of the Diploma in Piano course?

The duration of the Foundation Diploma in Piano is 1 year at Angel’s Music Academy 

Q2: What age groups can enroll in diploma in piano?
  • The diploma  in piano is open to individuals of various age groups. We have a min age from 4+
Q3. What all genres we cover in this course?

Our program is designed to provide a broad understanding of music, covering classical, jazz, contemporary, and world music. While you’ll explore various genres, you’ll also have the flexibility to specialize in your preferred area of interest.

Can I apply if I don't have formal music training?

While formal training is preferred, we welcome applicants with a genuine passion for music. All applicants must undergo an entrance audition to assess their musical abilities.

Are there opportunities for international collaboration or study abroad?

Yes, we actively seek opportunities for international collaborations and study abroad programs. Experiencing diverse musical traditions and gaining a global perspective is highly encouraged within our program.

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