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    Best Degree Courses in India

    Degree Courses

    Designed specifically in line with advanced requirements of the music industry, the course and subsequent training aim at empowering aspiring musicians to develop their skills. The Degree course is basically a customized training programmer where the skills and efforts of individuals are channelized in the right direction in order to enable them to have a successful career in the field of music. This degree course comprises of training on comprehensive technicalities associated with music and enables students to precede towards perfection from the very first day itself.

    Degree Courses in Music

    The course is 3 year fully designed programmer for individuals who genuinely want to pursue a full-time career in the field of music. Covering comprehensive aspects of music such as

    • Audio engineering,
    • composition
    • music production,
    • singing
    • instrumentation

    This course renders training on all such aspect in the most practical way. The course is designed in sync with contemporary methodologies pertaining to music and it gives emphasis on imparting deep knowledge in Indian classical music as well as Western sub classical music.

    Since this course is one of our highly sought after and popular courses, it strikes an optimum balance between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. Designed in view of the advanced requirements of the music industry, the course can help individuals specialize in aspects of music production, sound scoring and arranging. Candidates who choose to pursue this course can gain excessive mileage in the field of music and can go for a career as a composer, singer, arranger or orchestra tor.

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    The course covers training on contents such as sight reading, music theory, Indian classical study, music production, Western music history as well as private practical training on voice, guitar, drum and piano. So if you are looking to make a successful career in the field of music, then you can join the foundation course with us at an attractive fee.


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