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    To become a qualified and professional guitarist you need two things time and patience. Since anything that comes with patience, practice and constant efforts are always great and everlasting. Thus the Guitar Diploma course that we offer to aspiring guitarist aims at making them achieve great heights in music especially in the area of the guitar. During the course, you will be taught guitar in detail with the theory (reading music using staff notations). Apart from mastering the instrument in a profound manner from a 360-degree perspective, the diploma in guitar course that we provide opens scope for learners who want to excel career in music and also seek to professionally earn through it.

    The guitar course that we offer to students’  has specifically been designed for today’s generation of musicians. The course is highly advanced and forms a potent combination of various theories of music with respect to specializations in Guitar. The curriculum of the course is comprehensive and covers entire aspect of theoretical learning and practical training.  Owing to the comprehensive and advanced training that guitar experts render to students, it helps them become thorough professionals enabling them to play Instrument in a special and required manner.

    Angels Music Academy strives to spread quality music education and skills to aspiring musicians, and we do the same through following a systematic approach along with a course curriculum that is always well structured and beautifully designed.

    Following is the list of subjects that are covered under the diploma course and which constitute the entire training on Guitar.

    • Introduction to Guitar, what are the different types of guitar such as acoustic/Electric and information various parts of the guitar and how to set tuning of the guitar.
    • Guitar hand positions, how to maintain body posture and hand positioning while playing guitar.

    Different guitar musical styles and their overview

    • Training on musical pitches, staff notation, the study of rhythm, reading tabs, chord charts as well as an introduction to western harmony.
    • Types of scales in guitar, major scale, minor scale as well as pentatonic scale and Blues Scale.
    • Comprehensive training on learning guitar techniques such as finger exercises, guitar picking patterns) and hammer on/ pull-offs.
    • Generic study, ragas on guitar, bass and electric guitar.

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    Pro- Guitar Course

    The Guitar Diploma course encompasses rendering comprehensive training on various aspects of playing the guitar. In the initial phase of training, students are taught on how to hold the guitar in a proper manner, about notes on the fretboard as well as techniques of tuning the guitar. Along the training, trainers also teach about basic rudiments and theory of playing the guitar, open chords (major and minor) and how professional guitarist can effectively switch from chord to chord along major and minor scales in a seemingly easier manner.


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