Summer Programme

The summer programme offered by us is a short-term fun course for individuals who are passionate about music. The course comprises of detailed training on comprehensive aspects of music and is a perfect training programmer for musicians of all age who would like to study music for a brief period of time. The summer training is a three weeks integrated programme that encompasses three sections namely Masterclasses, Private and Group Section.

Since the course is integrated, it covers comprehensive training on technicalities of music production, music composition, opera vocals, sound engineering, instrumental and drama. Owing to the broad aspects that are covered during the training in summer programme, individuals can gain a concise and fundamental insight into all areas of music. The course is designed by industry leading experts based on advanced methodologies and it imparts among students thorough knowledge of music as well as of other dimension pertaining to music.

Due to the fact that summer programmer require students to be trained thoroughly, we have at our disposal expertise of best professionals who take pride in imparting best training. The trained professionals teach aspiring musicians all the aspects of sound and audio in detail and render students with a useful insight into the same.

So if you wish to learn the intricacies of music in a short span of time, then you can enroll for summer programme with Angels Music Academy without wasting your time.

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