Playback Singing Course

Specialised Singing Course

At Angel’s Music Academy we have a specialised career oriented singing course which includes both the culture, western classical & Indian classical.

Indian Classical Music is improvised while Western Classic Music is composed. With Western classical. Compositions are formally written down utilising the staff notations.

Indian classical music, on the other hand, involves no writing work. It follows the tradition of Teacher-student learning.

Indian Classical

An Indian Classical Music has a closer relationship with nature. Learning Indian classical music gives a depth knowledge on Ragas, Rhythms, Pitch. In our one year course we will cover all the aspects like performances, ghazal singing, Bollywood etc.

Western Classical

We are proudly announcing that AMA is a first institute of Rajasthan providing professional training in Opera & Jazz. Through western culture a student will get to know more about techniques, breath, voice culture, phonation, sing in high pitches, dramatical singing.

Benefits of learning –

  • Learning Indian classical music teaches you about precision, each rhythm in its place where it has to be, every note, not a frequency here or there.
  • When you opt to learn Western or Indian classical music, you give yourself the opportunity to strengthen and stabilizes your voice – something very crucial for singing
  • Among the most important benefits that you can experience from learning WCM and ICM are that you instill self-discipline, it helps you calm down and makes you understand different forms of music quite easily.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, learning Indo and Western classical music can help you become a professional singer and enjoy a fruitful career in the field of professional music.

So, if you are looking to learn Indian or Western Classical music, you can join the best singing classes at Angels Music Academy today.  To know more, reach us at 7742823912