Audio Engineering Courses

The process of recording sound has evolved over the years and it now runs on recording sounds, capturing audio, editing as well as mixing using mechanical and electronic devices. Thus understanding the nuances of music has become a daunting task which requires dedication and extreme attention. Audio Engineering is today’s time is one of the most sought-after field of engineering and the skills of an audio engineer are very much in demand in the entertainment industry.

No doubt that audio engineering is a creative field and any individual who can learn the tricks of the trade can make a mark in the industry. So if you are someone who has a passion for sound or music production, then we at Angels Music Academy can provide you with the guidance of industry professionals along with rendering practical knowledge on analog and digital consoles.

With us you can learn about audio engineering expanding to concepts like compression, equalization, microphone selection, phase cancellation, setting up of studio; and utilization of headphone consoles along with digital audio workstations, used to record and improve performance. Audio engineering experts at our institute dispense basic and necessary information in respect to recording of media, benefits of using different media, recording of techniques, understanding binary information as well as behavior of sound in open environments.

Since the curriculum of the course is extensive, it is designed by experts in such a way that scholar can understand the subject from very basic level and progress to the advanced level without much complications. Our approach of training is fairly simple; we motivate our students to develop new ideas of understanding music through experimentation while bringing to use their imagination.

During the course, you will get to study diverse components of present-day sound design and creative techniques for television, films as well as web games. With immense potential for growth, the demand for audio engineers is increasing by the day in the entertainment industry. Therefore, as an established music institute, we render hands on learning to students in a friendly environment in sync with trends existing in today’s music industry.

The course shall cover the following curriculum, characteristics of sound, audio electronics, recording techniques, consoles (analog and digital) signal processing as well as live mixing and acoustics. Students can opt for an introductory course of 6 months or an Integrated 1 year course.

So if you are looking to become a sound engineer, then you can join Audio Engineering Course with Angels Music Academy.