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Music Production Courses

Music Production Courses

Music production is a substantial process forming the backbone of Audio and acoustic engineering. In music production, disc jockeying is the essential part and forms a crucial part of the training. Music production course and the training that we render is highly exclusive and is imparted leading experts having years of experience in the genre.

Film & background music score

The position of a sound specialist is quite popular and is respected in the music industry. Backgrounds score quite an important part of the overall film making process and therefore it needs proper and detailed emphasis. The film and background music score course and the subsequent training that we render through experts give practical knowledge in film scoring and game scoring. Our experts teach students to learn about creating scores & composition through a dramatic representation of the movies as well as orchestration

Summer Programme

Now, this is a short-term fun course for all those who love music. This is a detailed crash course offered by us to musicians of all ages to want to study music for a comparatively short period of time.

Best Music Foundation Courses in Jaipur

Music Foundation Courses

The foundation course that we aim to provide to students encompasses training on music theory, aural training as well as music production. The course is specially designed for aspiring music professionals looking to enhance their skills required for a successful career in music industry.

The Diploma Course

Our diploma courses help in carving a niche in the music industry and open pathways to new prospects of growth.
The diploma course aims at improving the efficiency of work along with proper exposure and practical experience.

Sound Engineering Courses

Audio Engineering Courses

The whole process of recording audio has evolved during the course of last few years; it has now become more advanced from before. Understanding the process of Audio engineering requires insights into technology, practical knowledge and a significant amount of skills.

Best Radio Jockey Courses in Jaipur

Radio Jockey Courses

A radio jockey is basically a person whose work is to communicate with people through the medium of radio, interact with them, entertain them and play their favorite songs on their request. Thus, with the advent of more and more FM channels, the profession of Radio Jockeying is catching up with youngsters.

Guitar Academy in Jaipur

Guitar Diploma Course

To become a qualified and professional guitarist you need two things time and patience. Since anything that comes with patience, practice and constant efforts are always great and everlasting.  Thus the Guitar Diploma course that we offer to aspiring guitarist aims at making them achieve great heights in music especially in the area of the …

Learn Piano in Jaipur

Piano Diploma Course

The piano is a classical instrument that is basically played as a keyboard. Piano is used across genres of music such as jazz, classical and for solo performances. Additionally, piano is also preferred for accompaniment and for creating musical compositions.  Thus, despite the rise of guitar bands in recent times, piano and keyboards are still …

Jaipur Music Keyboard

Keyboard Diploma Course

Introducing one-year diploma course in keyboard music, we at Angels Music Academy train students of all age and musical background. Students can enroll for the keyboard diploma course from anywhere and can study on a regular basis. We sincerely support students who have passion and zeal to pursue their dreams in the field of music …

Top drum course in Jaipur

Drum Diploma Course

Drums are the world’s oldest musical instruments and are an important member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Music which is played and performed across genres requires drums to create melody and set the mood for audiences. So if you are someone who is highly passionate about rhythm and see yourself creating sounds that …

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Indian and Western Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is improvised while Western Classic Music is composed. With Western classical, compositions are formally written down utilizing the staff notations and in such music, performers have little scope for improvisation. Indian classical music, on the other hand, involves no writing of work and, here music it follows the tradition of Teacher-student learning, which …