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Opera and Indian Classical Music Program 

Indian classical vocal music is considered as one of the oldest forms of music in the world and it enjoys an unbroken tradition since ancient times. The art music of the Indian subcontinent, Indian classic music has its origins in the Vedas, which are the oldest scriptures in the Hindu tradition. Thus learning Indian classical music is one of the most valuable and life changing experiences that one can encounter his/her life. 

So if you are looking to get trained in Indian Classic music, then you can rely upon Angels Music Academy. We are one of the esteemed institutions in Jaipur completely dedicated to teaching Indian classical music to aspiring musicians in an ideal environment. 

Experts at our institute teach students the basics exercises to develop their voice while getting control over breathing.  We understand that music has no boundaries and it does not distinguish between professional and novice and which is why students do not need to have any previous experience or knowledge is before enrolling for the vocal classes.

Vocal training on Indian classical music encompasses training on comprehensive techniques such as understanding the basic elements of singing Indian music, developing vocal anatomy, ear training as well as controlling and regulating breathing. 

Each such technique and subsequent training forms an integral part of the course and ensures the development of overall capabilities of the students.  Comprehensive training by expert trainer help individuals build up their vocal singing skills and be able to progress to next level in order to face advanced training. 

The vocal Training course designed by us includes training on fundamentals of the Indian Classical Music, semi-classic music as well as other forms such as Thumri, Bhajan and Ghazal singing. During the training, you will learn and get trained in pitch, tone, range and will also get aware about different registers.

 Essentially you will be trained to develop a good musical ear which is a vital skill for every singer. All the more, you will be introduced to concepts of staff notation and sight reading essential for learning a song and responding to it in a quick time. 

The course curriculum and training is basically divided into sub-sections essential for to developing the skills of the candidate at each step. Starting with Knowledge about vocals, candidates are trained on vocal Anatomy and are then told about vocal exercises essential for improving the voice quality. 

Once voice starts improving, the process of introduction to Indian Music with Vocals takes place to complete the training and enable students to become professional singers.

If you want to train as an opera singer, Angel Music Academy is an ideal place to place to be getting the training. Learning opera singing is quite challenging and it is all about voice. Voice is crucial, of course, and you should have the ability to fill a large space, usually without amplifications to create a perfect balance between high low and high pitch voice. 

Rehearsals form a vital part of learning to sing opera and we conduct group sessions on opera singing on regular basis to enable students to collaborate with fellow singers and be able to work with others. 


Career Opportunities

There are variety in range of jobs in a broad range of fields — Playback Singer, Choir , Independent Artist, Bad, Voice over artist, Teacher, Live Performer 


Semester 1Credits 
Voice Warmups4 
Semester 2Credits 
Choir & Ensemble4 

Improvisation & Intrepreatation

Studio Sessions2 
Semester 3Credits 
Raag Improvisation4 
Poly Time Signature2 
Semester 4Credits 
5 Arias4 
Basics of Musical Theatre4 

Advanced voice Modulation 


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