Hindustani Vocals


Hindustani Classical Music originated from Vedas. Indian classical music has two foundational elements, raga and tala

Overview of 1st year Course

Hindustani Classical music originated from vedas, ritual chants, & has been evolved from 14 century & practiced not only in india but all over the world.

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We are committed to our quality & in campus placements , that’s why we only take 4 students in a single batch Hindustani singing can let you create a good command in singing & gives you a sense of pitches & rhythm.

In this course we will not over the classical side but will cover the other indian styles of singing like Qawali, Folk, Bhajan, Sufi, Light Classical, Bollywood.


Semester 1Credits 
Origin of Indian Classical 2 
Swaras & Pattern4 
Swar Sadhna4 
Semester 2Credits 
Taal  & Rhythm4 
Introduction of Thaat2 
Raga Parichay & Chota Khayal of 2 Ragas4 
Semester 3Credits 
Folk Singing4 
Bada Khayal4 
Semester 4Credits 
Basic of Composition4 
Recording in Studio4 
Basic Harmonies2 
Total for the entire period of study40 

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