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Best Radio jockey courses

Eligibility Factor:

Though 12th standard is mandatory and an added advantage for any profession field but to be a radio jockey you do not need the same. A candidate who has passed his higher secondary could opt for this course. However, if you are a honors graduate it will definitely help you in the future. Certain added qualifications will always act as a boon for your cause. You need to be a good analyzer and have the ability to conduct shows in a way that suits your audience mentality and nostalgia. The next important quality is that you should have a clear voice. Finally, you need to have good mastery on the language in which are opting for the course.

Syllabus for Radio Jockey Course:

The syllabus of radio jockey course include basics of verbal communications and phonetics. You will also be trained on the art of proper articulation and pronunciation. Besides, the idea of writing scripts, radio presentation, voice projecting, public speaking, personality development, sound accents etc are also taught in the course. In addition we also provide all round knowledge about facing camera for visual shows and facing the audience live on stage to achieve excellence in any medium of expression.The course also includes studio sessions to attain the practical expertise with proper equipment like microphones, live mixers, processors to learn about framing of a show. Few marketing strategies will also be taught during the course to impress the sponsors and regarding how to generate good business for the radio station as we know that voice of an RJ is the marketing key for sponsors.

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