Our mission

High Quality & Professional Music

Music is the strongest form of magic, and to enable you to learn this form of magic, we have at our disposal the expertise of best faculty. Lead by Shaiphali Saxena, our team of music trainers is highly qualified with comprehensive knowledge in their field as well as expansive practical experience. Moreover, we have at our music academy industry inspired facilities, advanced equipment and environment that you would require to learn the nitty-gritty of music and to explore infinite possibilities within the domain.


The Best of AMA

Expert Faculty

Music trainers that we have at our disposal are highly qualified and come with years of experience. The team is equipped with complete knowledge and boasts of having practical experience in plenty.

Advanced courses

Each course that we make available is designed in sync with advanced curriculum to bring the maximum potential from students and inculcate among them intricacies of music.

Flexible Timings

Our music classes and subsequent batches are planned and organized in such a way that is convenient for students of all age groups.

Valuable Learning

Our courses are designed by experts in a way so as teach students on a theoretical level but also make the experience worthwhile with practical sessions.

Platform for Performance

Music is all about performing and it is through performance that learning enhances. Therefore, we organize events from time to time and persuade our students to take part in events and perform.

Overall Development

Music has the ability to change someone’s life. We therefore render music training with an aim to transform the lives of our students. Through our music training we aid our students grow as a person in an exclusive and friendly environment.

Offering Music Courses

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Being a leading music academy, we render the facility of learning varied forms of music by extending training on courses that are advanced and in great demand. Music production forms the backbone of an entire process of audio and acoustic engineering and is one of the popular courses that we offer. Simultaneously, you can enroll for film and background music score with us to become an audio specialist in creating background music. All the more to understand the details of music and learn recording of audio, you can join Audio Engineering course with us the training for which is rendered by expert audio engineers.

Constructive learning

High Quality Constructive learning

Affiliated from Rock School, London & Skill India. Our courses are tailor-made and teach students the nuances of music not only on theoretical basis rather aid them to develop practical knowledge and expertise. Music has the potential to change a person’s life and we exist and strive earnestly to transform the lives of our students by helping them grow as a person on professional as well as personal front.

Best Music Academy in India?

We are not saying this, Angels Music Academy is awarded for

  • “Best Music Academy in india-2018” by Bollywood Singer Ankit Tiwari
  • Excellence Teaching in Sound Engineering in 2019 by Education icon awards
  • Excellence contribution in Music Education -2020 by Arya group of colleges

Established in April 2016, Angel School of Music strives delicately to offer to aspiring musicians international music courses. We have in a short period of time have become a the best music academy in India  and thus take expertise in training aspiring musicians, composers, sound engineers and DJ’s.

At our music academy, we provide students the opportunity to hone their music skills in a profound manner enabling them to become better working professionals.

Aspiring musicians looking to turn their passion for music into an attractive career can rely upon us for valuable guidance. To transform the passion of students into an attractive profession, we have come up with contemporary courses like Opera Singing, Hindustani Vocals & Music technology such as music production and audio engineering.

Each course is designed planned systematically so as to bring out maximum value and inculcate among students the essentials of music. With music courses and subsequent training that our experts render, aspiring musicians can polish your existing skill quite superbly and can establish a distinct recognition in their field of interest.

Our Objectives –
  • To hone your existing Skills.
  • To intensify your passion for Music.
  • To turn your musical passion into a successful career.
  • To provide the right platform to you for showcasing your talent.
  • To motivate our students to take part and perform in events and shows.
  • To train students for both, national and international level performances.

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Check our placements, this is one of the reason for winning the award for Best Music Academy in India


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