Music Industry in India: As it is?

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Music industry

How an independent artist may earn money & fame in India? Well its all about how much you aware about it, know more about the Music Industry in india

If you are trying to incorporate a business, it will take up a lot of your efforts and resources. The number of steps themselves is so exhausting to list, add the sheer complexity and materiality of the actual process to it, and you shall have a tremendously exhaustive process as your answer. Have you ever wondered exactly what makes people so attached to their businesses, irrespective of how small scale it is?

It is not the fact that it feeds their family, or serves them basic necessities and luxuries I life; No! It is the fact that so much effort has gone in setting it up, and during that process of hard work there are only two options effective; either back off, or continue more persistently and aggressively. However, if one continues then the persistence that was required builds an emotional connection with the business, and it is this emotional connect which makes people sensitive about their incorporations.

Now imagine this emotional connect exists, even before business was even thought about.

It would be hypocritical to imagine that all the emotional involvement with the businesses is due to incorporation process, or that all the businessmen are that attached to their entities. However, it won’t be so when we connect these businesses with art.

Let’s look a bit home, for all the non-Indians reading this, please try to connect with your nations, for life is ultimately similar everywhere; pursuing one’s dreams in artistic streams is still a forlorn subject for majority of Indians, and it is not the talent which is lacking, but the support; mental and physical, means, and most importantly courage and zeal to fight the adversities. There are so many dreams which are born and killed, figuratively and actually.

But, there are still many who wade these stormy waters and deliberately try hard and all to achieve those dreams, artistic dreams, and while some are successful, some are not, but this proportion is not our concern.

Our concern is if the dreamers of having their own Music Business exist, then where they should seek the answers.

When we say Music Business, we mean it literally, without any implications and inference, for there are many who have a dream of incorporating a “business” and doing it in something related to “music”. You people might find it funny and confusing; however, the truth is that this exact explanation and confusion is reality of many. There are lots who know what they like and have a rough idea of what they would like to see themselves doing in life, but they have absolutely no idea of even a step further. 

So, we’re here! To rescue all these people who know, but still don’t!

At Angels Visual and Performing Arts (notice the change!), we are determined to help all those who are searching desperately for solutions to their artistic woes, from education to application and execution, we’re here for you.

In order to grow and establish yourself as an independent artist in the Music Industry it is required from the artist to have an unlimited amount of passion. We have discussed this in previous blogs, and we cannot insist upon it more, passion is an absolute necessity if one wants to make to make it any field of art. However, obviously even it alone can take you so far, there are some things which are required to give it the adequate support, to grow and prosper into a successful career. These requirements are the plans and their implementation is what gives meaning to passion. But what exactly are these plans? What are the raw contents which help in building a plan?

In order to ensure recognition in the music industry the following are the steps one must undertake;
  • Skill Development

Any person who wishes to enter the arena of music industry first needs to build the skill they plan to cash on. They need to educate themselves with the systems, their management and handling, and learn to use them. This is the most basic step as a Music Producer. One needs to learn music production. (Refer to our 1 year Diploma course, also available online)

  • In-house Setup

By in-house setup, we do not mean actually setting up within your house, but, to choose premises, which is not only affordable but easily accessible, as you might be spending a majority of your time there. This shall be the place which you shall need to save up money, to buy equipment, instruments, etc. The basic idea is to set up a small studio, where you can practice. Here, you shall need to develop a style which is unique to yourself and yet is marketable. Here it is required that the style of yours speak emotions and style which not only you can feel but express through music. There must be both, sense of detachability, and magnetism present in it to allow you a chance in industry.

  • Branding and Building Connections

The step is simultaneous and perpetual, in any industry; to survive and prosper you shall need to have cordial relations with its insiders. They won’t necessarily help you establish or prosper, but you need to keep a far sightedness in your vision. Once you become a part of industry, they are your colleagues and maintain cordiality and amicability with them is not only proper but shall also keep you in step with the current trends and environment of the industry. You don’t have to directly aim for big shots, as then you would be wasting time, but maintain and build a circle with talented and genuine insiders, and beginners like yourself.

  • Action Plan or Idea

The action plan or idea is the first project that you shall be working upon. There must be a pitch made to you. Hence, the very first person you need to convince is yourself. You need to have an idea which is compelling enough that when you view it as third party, you would want to invest your resources to it, including emotional.

  • Formal Mapping of Idea

When the idea is clear in your mind, then you will have to map out a real action plan to implement it. This action plan includes budget, recruitment, arrangement of resources to complete the project, etc. In short the whole process up to the launch of the final product must be clear in your head. This plan must be both reasonable, practical and yet flexible enough to adjust to actual events, and rigid enough to not falter to minor dilly-dallies.

  • Funds Procurement

The next step is pitching the plan to the investors along with the idea. Here it is important that you ensure to make and create an effect about your project as a profitable and marketable plan. The clarity, uniqueness, approachability to masses, and stand-alone capability of each person you intend to attach to this project, are all top notches, for only then investors will loosen up their bank balances in your favour.

  • Recruiting Talent

The process is simultaneous to the funds procurement; as soon as funds investors are acquired you would prefer to put the project into action. Hence, recruitment of writers, singers, and all the people required for the music production are recruited.

  • Application and Launch

The process of music production, its advertising, promotion and launch have been details in our Music Production related blog. So here it is mentioned briefly, so that there doesn’t remain a glitch in the steps. 

  • Building upon Basics

After the first project is on floors, thereof, the journey depends on its success and failure. While any result is not to be taken too heartily or too easily, the future strategies are mostly made on their basis. Even theses have two aspects, and that is critical review; often time critical reviews fail to match the popular result on basis of quality and quantity. Henceforth, it is mentioned that quality should be the focus (not to be confused with “genre”), for only that would support you in long run, and also experimenting with your style (evolution is the key to survive times and change”).

It has been witnessed that people backed with quantity have been faded away in tides of times along with their work; you should try for the popular style, as it helps gaining recognition, but, quality must not be compromised even in this experiment, for vulgarity is a choice, not a “genre”.

These are the few basic steps which could be used as a beginner’s guide.

At Angels Visual and Performing Arts we are always ready to not only provide knowledge but also guidance for future, we believe in maintaining life-long and life thus relations. In order to find your light and reason, you’re welcomed by us in our Academy to hone your talent with hard work, and apply it for both soulful and profitable reasons.

We have also launched Online School of Music, given the adversity we’re facing presently.

Our doors are always open for true Musical passionate and pioneers. 

Good Day!

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