Virtually Musically: Reality of Online Education

The very onset of 2020 brought with itself a spell of agony and disaster. While the world was slumbering in the arms of technology, without an ounce of suspicion in the ability of these arms to protect them from pandemics, we were attacked, and technology could not save us. Undoubtedly, situations are not as worse as the 1800s or 1900s, but the difference is simply awareness. However, this is not our concern today. Our concern is the solution which we have had to resort to after being scolded off within the confines of our homes; technology. The technology could definitely not save us from the onslaught of nature’s fury, but it did act as our cushion of cuddle, we were able to somewhat soothe our woes among its many wonders. One of these wonders was the ability to still be able to educate ourselves through internet; Online Education.

Online Education has proven to be a saviour for the students, schools, educational institutions and even us. While in 2020, we did not continue our music classes online, but as 2021 is rerunning the horrific broadcasts of 2020, in face of COVID19 Phase 2, the inevitable situation has represented itself with the same solution; online education.

Online education has met with a shower of appraisals and series of complaints in the last year, however, there is one thing we all agree upon, which is that it is the best solution to ensure both continuity of education, and safety of people involved in the process. The question which though still perturbs is whether music could be learned through online education?

Angels Visual and Performing Arts Academy answers “Yes!”

We have launched our Academy’s services online too in order to facilitate all the musically inclined learners with the continuity of their education. You could register to our courses and we’ll accommodate you from then on; and it is our promise that you will not feel abandoned at all, as far as we’re there with you. But, before so, we also encourage you to have a go at this blog entry, and clear out the confusions fading your mind before you submit your loyalties to us.

Even before COVID19 there were a lots of options to avail education online, however, they were mostly self-education option, where a person could simply watch a video or read a guide to learn. With the pandemic live educational sessions gained more popularity, and yet there still remains certain sectors which are believed by people to be best learned in real life, one such sector belongs to Performance Arts.

People believe that during the learning process of any type of Performing arts if the teacher is not present in real, then the critical points and complexities of the art are not effectively grasped. However, this is not the truth, it’s a myth, and hence included in our series of Myth Busting series.

Performing arts could be learned online and through live online classes, especially with the limited number of batch, teachers are more relaxed and free in imparting education. Moreover, they can also easily, ask their pupils to either perform or record their lessons, which they can examine later and tell their students of the points and parts where they need to apply improvement. The biggest possible advantage is the reach of the educators. Earlier, many have had to remain content with the options available in their city, and even there to the locations which were navigable and within their comfortable reach. This is not a case with online education, one can also apply with academies that are based in other cities and avail their courses. Now, you do not have force yourself to be satisfied with the mediocre options, which were easily accessible, now you can easily search for Academies which have accolades in their favour, and have a learning platform available online.

But how to choose your online school?

Perfect online courses in music ?

In order to make a right and worthy choice, you shall have to make sure that the teachers and the facilities are top notch, for instance, at Angels we have amazing teachers, who have not only been successful in their own field with credible records and awards, but they are also ambitious people who feel that in order to justify their education, it is important that their pupils learn perfectly right from the core level, so the quality and dynamicity of their art is never compromised at any point of their life. Moreover, we believe in discipline, which is a necessary attribute for an artist, as is said “Bandish is the path of an Artist’s Freedom”. We are driven to not spoon feed but educate our pupils of the importance of foundations, reason of their existence, and the perfect applicability of it in their art and life.

Furthermore, the point to look out for is the schedule and format of education followed by the educational institute. We at Angels not only have live sessions, but we also allow our pupils to record their practice sessions and if they feel so, they could have these examined for flaws and improvements. We are very serious and sincere about the time that and dedication that is invested by our pupils, so we expect all our pupils to be truly passionate about their choices, as they have to put in a lot of hard work to be able to be successful in the actual field.

Hopefully, you would avail our course, and we would be able to help you build your dreams into reality. We assure you these online courses will change your life and art to better.

Also we have capable artists as our teachers, such as the Opera Queen of India, so hurry and register ASAP with Angels Visual and Performing Arts Academy.

Good Day!

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