Know about Sound engineering vs music production

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Sound Engineering vs Music production

Confused about Music Production & Sound Engineering ?

Its a big fight from the beginning & now its become the biggest confusion , so here we are with the major differences in Sound Engineering vs Music production

It shall be a grave mistake on our part to assume that all the people reading this blog are our regular audience, for not only would it be quite ignorant, but also limiting. No one is ever so great that all and everyone know of them and hence there is always a scope of new audience and admirers for all. However, we shall take still take the liberty to assume that some of you have read our previous blogs. 

Why do we insist on making such an assumption?

Since there exists a blog on Filmmaking and scope in the field for the new entrants, and we believe we made it myth-breaking and illusion shattering enough for whoever read it. We simply wanted to establish a few connections with that blog, not severe ones, however material in their own right.

First connection that could be made is that Angels Academy is devoted in breaking down the walls of separation and myths that are keeping you distant from your pursuing your passions, and there is no better way to do so than Education. Knowledge in true sense is the light which fights away the darkness of ignorance and fear. So, just like that previous blog, we plan to publish a series of blogs on same basis but different subject. Naturally, all the subjects shall be related to Visual and Performing Arts.

Secondly, in the above-mentioned blog we have established that filmmaking is not a simply directing but a bigger set of which direction is merely a subset. Similarly, today also we shall be exploring a set and subset, however, myths are different and so are their break-off process; and yes, subject of study is different too.

The subject of study for today is Sound Engineering vs Music production . 

Music is ethereal and worldly; it is silence and it is chaos; it is material and formless. 

Music is music, and an indispensable part of our lives. However, we are not discussing “what is music?”, but “how is music made”.

If you shall go out on streets and ask people, what do they make of music production, the majority would be believing that it is making the background score for a set of lyrics, or even just simply. This we believe is still a better answer than the replies which “Sound Engineering” would get; let’s guess for example, ”Meh!” However, to blame the general public is childish, and unfruitful; we invited you for enlightenment, not lament after all!

Music production, contrary to general belief, involves the whole process which goes in making and presenting a final musical product, while sound engineering is a part of this whole process (remember; set and subset!). However, Sound Engineering is not a proper subset of Music Production, it ranges beyond it also, infact often.

Music Production as we have discussed is the whole process of making a musical product, right from its beginning to its public presentation. Now, music of varying genres, and while those genres hardly affect the definition and steps of the process, the presence and absence of lyrics do, which we shall reveal while in the process itself. There are various ways that music producers like to bifurcate the process’s steps into, however on a general basis the below are the steps followed. The addition and subtraction of steps is simply remodeling of the procedure by the music producer to their own convenience. 

music production courses in india
  • Composition and Songwriting

The idea itself is the first step, whether of a lyrical or simple music, composition has to be set up. Composition is the setting up of a base melody for the song; the melody which shall be turned and tuned into a powerful and impactful product. If the lyrics are involved then even songwriting is the part of this step.

  • Recording or Rehearsing

The “or” here is in consideration of live or recorded product making. If the product has to be performed live then it has to be rehearsed, and if it is going to be record launch then recorded.

  • Music Arrangement

It is important that the music sounds good and not boring or repetitive, for this music arrangement is used. The setting up of beats, involvement of various instruments, deciding upon a base instrument, arranging the pauses and drop and all the different acoustics in any musical product, all is a part of music arrangement.

This step is conducted along with the previous one; they have to work simultaneously to be effective. 

  • Mixing and Editing

The step involves a huge devotion on part of producer, it involves focusing for endless hours on the product at this stage and adjusting and re-adjusting various parts of it, all done in order to create a product that was desired at the first.

  • Mastering

At this stage everything has been finalized, except the product. The step involves a professional listening and making the product to sound as flawless and cohesive as possible. 

  • Launch or Live Performance

The producers are known to contact their known people and make them hears samples and even full product, just to get reviews (similar to private film screening), and further the product is launched for the public. The step involves arranging for distributors or booking of concert halls, and sometimes even investors.

Now, you must be wondering where Sound Engineering fits here. Sound Engineering is not a tailored step of Music Production; instead it is infused in the process like a hue, it’s impossible to simply border its participation. So in order to understand its part, we shall first have to understand it.

Sound Engineering is the process of making music, or any sound as a matter of fact, presentable, impactful and goal achieving. The process of making a melancholic sound, sound and feel like melancholy is Sound Engineering. So it could be said that sound engineering is attributing feelings and audibility to music or sound in order to make it as impactful as was intended in its production. 

The concept could be better understood if we take example of our daily lives. When we are expressing sadness, even our “hmm” is infused with that sadness, one would not shout it out, or nod their head vigorously in accompany, but when one has to deliberately hide this sadness, the “hmm” would be made to sound excited, jolly or just simple, anything but sad. This adjustment of sound is Sound Engineering. Obviously, it is not so simple and easy in professional music world, but the general idea must be now clear.

Now it must be easier for you to locate Sound Engineering in Music Production, in composing, recording, arranging, almost every step it is present (infused, as we said earlier!). Remarkably though, the concept is very wide and scientific. 

The person responsible for arranging the interior design of a concert hall is also a Sound Engineer. They make sure that the acoustics of the hall are so architecture that the person farthest is also able to hear the recitation, this is also Sound Engineering. Similarly, person who quality examines a musical instrument, is also a Sound Engineer, and so is a person mixing a musical set.

In fact, there are many types of Sound Engineers;
  1. Architectural Sound Engineer
  2. Acoustic Sound Engineer
  3. Studio Engineer
  4. Mixing Engineer
  5. Mastering Engineer
  6. Live Engineer
  7. And so on…………

also, Shaiphali Saxena.

Sound Engineering Courses in india
Sound engineering

Sorry, it was a joke; but, now you know the scope and difference of both the concepts and processes. 

And; Seriously; Shaiphali is an amazing Sound Engineer, and also the co-founder of our very own Angels Visual and Performing Arts Academy, which also houses similarly amazing, and hand-picked teachers for the Diploma Course in both the studies, Music Production and Sound Engineering; and we invite you to avail the courses and pursue your passion.

Only actions have the power t change Dreams into Reality.

So take the action, and register for course, ASAP!

Good Day!

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