Filmmaking is a hidden & underrated career option in our society! Human perceptions are a result of “viewing through a glass”; it can go both ways. However, it in itself is also an art, just like many types and kinds it is used to view. Why; you may ask! Since, just like art and its many types, even perception is an expression of oneself. Nobody sees more or less than their scope of mentality and beliefs, and if this changes, then it is not the art that has changed but that individual’s mentality and beliefs. So, it is an established truth, that every art is an expression of oneself.

Art is also closely and unconditionally related to creativity. Since, and over, the ages the concepts have been explored tirelessly, to the point that new forms of art have been developed. Do you remember the times of stage plays and Shakespeare? Now those have been taken over by filmmakers, people who display their stage plays, digitally and without giving a glimpse of background sources and artists. It is not that theatre does not exist anymore, just it exists in a more popular and digitalized manner.

Even though the art presentation is more refined, this does not mean that the process has undergone any kind of reliefs or cuts, instead, it has only grown longer and complex. Nowadays a film crew involves way more people and departments than ever. This has made the aspiring filmmakers to stand quite conflicted, especially ones lacking the background, as they have no idea from where to start.

At Angels Music Academy, we’ve decided to help filmmaking aspirants, so that they could wade their way through the harsh waters of confusion and simply helplessness. 

Let’s start with the basics of filmmaking. The firstmost things that are required for any person dreaming to be a filmmaker are “Creativity” and “Dynamic Strategies”. These are the two tools which shall be used and even act as savior, at any point of your whole career in filmmaking. Whenever you find yourself in glitch, these will rescue you. And contradictory to popular belief, they are learnable. Creativity grows as you practice it, and so does ability to make and implement strategies.

FilmMaking Courses

Now as we have cleared that point out, let’s move to the processes that are part of filmmaking. Although, processes might differ according to the project that is being completed, the one we’re listing here majorly sign their presence in each. 

Here are the steps from The Ultimate guide to Film making

process includes all the steps that shall be taken up from the beginning till the end of the process. This includes;

  • Procuring an Idea

Idea is the base of all the process that is being undertaken, if there is no idea, there will be nothing to make and present. So, we’ve successfully recruited “creativity”. Idea could be procured in differing ways. It could be filmmaker’s own or it could even be recruited from third parties, however, if and when recruited, it should be ensured that due credit is given to the third party in the whole process and the final product.

  • Scriptwriting and Screenwriting

The next step is to prepare a script, which is the representation of the idea on paper or any readable format, which is then converted to include dialogues, entries, exits, etc. like play scripts for the ease of performing artists. 

  • Investors or Producers

The investors are shown the scripts and convinced about the profitability of the project for them to invest their funds in film production. 

  • Filmmaking Crew

They are assembled and assigned according to project demands and requirements. 

  • Performing Artists

They are chosen on basis of their capabilities, which are tested in interviews and auditions. 

  • Music 

Irrespective of type of movie the background score is one of the most important part of any cinematic work. The music label and musicians are contacted and introduced to the concept and central idea of project. 

  • Assisting Crew

There are a lots of people required to assist in filmmaking who are not visible in the final product, however, they are essential to the whole process. 

  • Direction and Shooting

This is probably what most people think of filmmaking, however, it’s only a part of the whole process, undoubtedly most awaited and enjoyable for the filmmakers. 

  • Editors and Arrangers

The necessary scenes are arranged in a sensible series. It is like making an impactful and complete statement from a lot of jumbled words. 

  • Release Platform

The place where viewers could actively receive and engage with the final product, deals have to be signed to book these platform. They charge screening commission. 

  • Promoters and Advertisers

These companies help in advertising the product and increasing its audience and scope. 

  • Screening 

This is the final step, where the product is finally released for the audience to view and enjoy. 

These were the most basic steps included in the process of filmmaking, and these could be found majorly in any and every project. Though there are some types of filmmaking where some extra steps are involved, such as animations, silent movies, etc., however, even in them these steps are persistent.

Obviously, at this point some, especially the first time readers, might be wondering about the scope in Filmmaking.

It was established in the very beginning, that Filmmaking is a form of art, and as every art field, one aspiring to be a filmmaker shall require extreme hard work, persistence, never give up attitude and passion to make it big. These qualities and requirements have been a boon and curse for artists since ages, and no amount of evolution and advancement could change that. So, all those aspiring to be a filmmaker, or any other artist, need to keep these requirements in heart and mind, as they are purely indispensable.

The relief we could provide you is that this is 21st century and year 2021, the subjects of art are no more necessarily a taboo and could be pursued comparatively easily. There are several institutions that provide a course in Filmmaking, and one could pursue them. In fact, we at Angels Visual and Performing Arts:


also provide a 1 year diploma course in Filmmaking, and we invite you to come learn with us. All the necessary and extra course details could be found on our official page.