Opera Queen of India – 1

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Talent alone could be defeated by a dedicated hard work, however, talent combined with hard work yields for a nation, someone of sorts as the Opera Queen of India

However, before we discover more about Her Highness “Opera Queen of India”, allow me to interrupt with a story.

Opera queen of india

A young girl, age ten, is being asked by her Geography teacher, who is selecting students for School Church’s Choir, to sing a simple verse, which she does; he has found his main singer for the choir. The girl in our story is clearly gifted with a voice and discovery, for after this point her school life would always be ridden with music and singing. However, there is no path yet set for her. The girl grows up, singing around, praised by many and all for her voice and talent, and yet she is yet to make music her life. 

A teenager, age seventeen, advised by her parents to revisit and re-ponder her life’s choices, as they would decide her life path; this time she decides to follow what she likes to do; singing, just an experiment, but now pursued rather than simply enjoyed.

A young lady, age twenty-two, sleeping cozily, jerked to world awake by a call, from a freelance reporter, hoping to conversate with the Opera Queen of India, and she does the requested, ever so politely, and ever so lovingly. It’s almost like that young girl of ten is peaking out to tell us all about her love and journey of music; the lady might have found her life’s path, but that girl she has established a permanent connection with her love, music. These words are simply clicks and clacks of a keypad, but to anyone who might have talked to Hritisha Rewadia that night, it would have been clear that the ten year old girl is the one most overjoyed, in the most innocent manner at the label that has been earned by her.

Yes! You guessed it right, Hritisha Rewadia is our young girl, dilemmatic teenager and determined young lady. However, I believe you might know her better as the Opera Queen of India and the First Opera Singer from Rajasthan. 

Do you feel awed and blinded by the titles already? 


Alas! The accolades are many to the name of this talent, so I would suggest you put on your sunglasses.

Opera queen of India

The lady, young lady to be specific, has bagged Dadasaheb Phalke Film festival Award, International Paris Underground Award, Rajasthan International Film Festival Best Song ward and Mumbai International Short Film Festival Award, all for her first international song “Jewels and Fame” released in 2020.

Those of you who haven’t seen the video, please go and watch it on YouTube, and I can guarantee you, your ears would feel blessed; I heard the song on loop and could only get off as life won’t stop for me to simply enjoy the song in a time vacuum (Oh the times I wish to implement Fourth Dimension theory practically!).

The song is the simplest introduction possible to the baggage of talents we’re being introduced to. Sliding to the climax when the video hits the line, “If I… but stay…. Would he have it all……..”, at two minutes fifty-eight seconds, this is the peak of the song and the perfect showcase of versatility of Hritisha’s voice. The tension that is threatening to spill in the whole song, but simply simmers and teases, here it boils out of the tumbler to express all those doubts, suffocation and pure helplessness of the protagonist, and the way Hritisha expresses it through her voice; ethereal! 

The song isn’t the only feather in Hritisha’s fedora. She has been an acquaintance of many famous personalities, purely on her talent’s basis, one such name being Bollywood’s renowned musical artist Ankit Tiwari, who felicitated her as India’s Finest Western and Opera singer. She also engaged in confirmation of a supposedly bizarre metaphor, remember the Fat Lady who receives password for Gryffindor House, Hritisha is her…; she is not receiving password for a Hogwarts, but she is delivering enough magic and power to earn herself title of “glass breaking” voice; imagine the intensity of her vocals. She possesses a voice range with highest pitch of C8! Now that’s Sopráno! Mezzo-soprano! 

Honestly, Hritisha could have been just a talented artist and we would have loved her, but I guess she’s probably greedy for successfully earning our respect…; the girl is an entrepreneur and mentor also other than being an artist.

She has set up Vedkara Moksha, Moksha Acoustics, The Show Competition and The Edukos, which not only allow her independence and control over her music but also an opportunity to hone young passion and talent. 

She along with her sister and mentor Shaiphali Saxena, Director of Angel’s Music Academy who is an even bigger inspiration in her own right, has also set up Angels Visual and Performing Arts Academy. 

Isn’t it all a bit overwhelming….. 

I mean curiosity and awe are a given, but she’s a human… right…? Like us….. 

She is, just like us, which is why I stated at the very beginning, that even talent needs push of hard work to become successful and worthy. 

Reminsing her training days she states remembering, how she was single mindedly focused on her musical training, while her peers took some liberty of partying and enjoying, though not much, just a little bit, however that made all the difference. That was the difference which made her Opera Queen of India. 


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