The Diploma Course


The Diploma Course

Our diploma courses help in carving a niche in the music industry and open pathways to new prospects of growth. The diploma course aims at improving efficiency of work along with proper exposure and practical experience. We believe that age is just a number and that learning can begin at any age group. Our diploma modules are devised in accordance with the skills of each student. We help to polish your existing skills and also train you to develop new ones. Our Diploma course caters to the above set of principles and ensures uniformity as well as flexibility in the learning process. The diploma course has specially devised aspects in the curriculum which enable to gain an overall insight and enhance the learning process of various aspects of music. This is a one-year part time course designed for all ages of music aspirants. We will guide students with extensive music theory classes along with a combination of detailed practical lessons. It could be as part of a hobby or for adding of skills in the field of music. We also train students for enrollment in the prestigious Trinity examination which is a reputed recognition in the field of music. Grades will be decided according to the performance level of the different students. Our qualified and experienced teachers look after the individual needs and skills of all the students and provide them with extensive attention to help them embark upon their career paths and remove all the obstacles which obstruct them in achieving their goals. Our Diploma courses have immense repute all over the country and help in building an impressive portfolio if you want to pursue a career in music or any of the affiliated industries. Enhancement and expertise in your Diploma degree ensures that you get the best of opportunities and platforms to showcase your talents all across the globe. Angel's Music Academy is the first academy of Jaipur which offers an insightful, extensive and quality course in Sound and music.

  • Classical Guitar
  • Plectrum Guitar
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Vocals
  • Jazz drums

Enrollment Criteria

Application fee {Any age}

Fees: 18,000+ examination fees (1 year)