Film & Background Music Score


Film & background music score

Jaipur is famous for its rich folk music & dance. The Jaipur Gharana is widely popular for Kathak & teen Taal. Our campus is located in the heart of Jaipur.

The position and repute of a sound specialist is immense in the film industry. An audio specialist dives into the heart of emotions by providing proper background music score and by striking the right chord at the right time. Background score is a very important part of the entire film making process and needs proper and detailed emphasis. We are proud to announce our self as the only institute in Jaipur, which provides a special & unique course for Film & game scoring. We aim to reduce location constraints for students by providing them all that they need and require in Jaipur itself. It is a technical course designed to give practical knowledge in film scoring & game scoring. The course will focus on the dramatic representation of movies so that students can imply it into their scores & composition. We will also provide knowledge about traditional orchestration. Students will learn to create appropriate themes, develop variations, create a suite of proposed thematic material for a director, and score several scenes from the same film. Students will use MIDI sequences as well as live players to record their projects.

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Fees: 75,000 (6 months)